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Womanthology: Space #1

One of my cool summer projects this year: working as comic book artist for the anthology “Womanthology: Space” issue #1 through IDW Publishing.  I partnered with writer Sandy King Carpenter on her story “Dead Again".  It was just released on September 19, 2012.

There is some preview material from issue #1, here:

The preview material...includes excerpts from "Waiting for Mr. Roboto" by Bonnie Burton and Jessica Hickman, which depicts the life of a bored space-waitress; "Dead Again" by Sandy King Carpenter with Tanja Wooten, which is a kind of ghost story in space; and "Scaling Heaven" by Stephanie Hans and Alison Ross, a speculative piece about a race to put the first woman on the moon. Not included but available in the issue is an exceptionally cute story by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire called "The Adventures of Princess Plutonia," which puts a fun spin on the John Carter/Adam Strange trope, as well as the first installment of "Space Girls," a recurring humor strip by Stacie Ponder that imagines an all-woman crew of Star Trekkian-style spaceship that's actually my favorite bit of this ambitious new release. All stories (except Ponder's strip) are lettered by Rachel Deering.

This project was something different for me, a ghost story set in space; but I definitely enjoyed the challenge and gained some valuable comic book development experience once again.  This was my second contribution as a comic book artist and I plan on having more opportunities if at all possible...whether I work with another writer again, adapt a story for a graphic novel...or write and illustrate one myself. :)

Here are a few reviews for W:S issue #1:

Below is one of the early concept sketches I did based on Sandy’s initial thoughts about the story.  I posted some of the original pencils over on my Facebook page here as well: