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It's in the Timing

I've been working on the storyboards for the first couple of scenes in our animation short. The script is loosely based on a fairy tale that isn't as well known as the usual standard or Disney fare. We added our own flavour to it, too. :) Anyways, some of the character development during the story has to be in the characters' actions or reactions because they have such a short time in the story.

Well, it IS an animation short.

So, I'm trying to work out some of the pacing to help the audience get a better understanding of the characters while still keeping to our script and working on the design and layout of the panels. It's really quite fun and interesting! I'm enjoying the challenge. And I can totally see that we'll be doing some tweeking to the script and the characters when we finally get to the animation part of our little movie. But, that will be even more fun!!

The whole process is a learning experience that just totally shows me that I'm finally going in the right direction with my creative career.

OK, that's enough for the weekend. I really need to get back to the drawing board....

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MidnightOwl728 said...

wow seem like you have a lot of cool stuff going on would love to see some of your work and such. Would love to get in to toy design right now tho college is where i am so any tips or such thanks. Good luck on your short.