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Into the West...

Looks like I'm off to California in a few weeks for a few days to chat with some of the Disney creative staff.

Actually, it's part of my current job and has nothing to do with what I'm working toward in my career. Darn it. But it should be interesting and an opportunity to find out some of the upcoming styleguides and design trends that the Disney Product and Licensing group is developing. I might be going to Germany as well to see the
Christmas Trade Show. I'm thinking the next couple of weeks will have me seriously busy. And traveling. But not vacation. sigh.

And I have a cold. Poor me. "Arme kranke kleine Katze," my mom used to say when I was sick and miserable. It means, "Poor sick little cat." Meow.

Eh, I'm never happy these days. Time for a change.

Like I haven't said that before. D'oh!

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Anonymous said...

Awww...what a cute little puss! :)