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Bliss is having hot water.

The boiler for my apartment complex was out for a few days because of some kind of repair work. The gas company had to shut off service until the repairs to the boiler were we had no hot water. Of course, this was perfectly timed to coincide with drops in temperature to freezing. No hot shower. Bah. Boiling water on the stove-top was my temporary solution to have some hot water for washing. While I was dealing with the situation, I kept thinking of stories my mom told me of her childhood in rural North Germany where winters meant ice on the windows inside the bedroom and extremely short visits to the outhouse. And everyone took a bath in the big tub in the kitchen where it was warm.

Needless to say, I was very happy when the hot water returned. While I happen to enjoy the occasional cooler winter weather that we get here in Texas, I enjoy the hot summers more. I like polar bears, but I'm not one for bathing in cold water.

Love that hot water. :)

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