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A sketchblog where I post a few of my scribbles from a variety of works-in-progress, usually from my rather random personal creativity outside of the daily grind. I occasionally, but not always, post the final artwork.


Spring Things

As usual in my self-employed illustrator universe, various projects are in development and in various stages, so here is a bit of what I'm working on lately:

- concept art for custom painting of Disney figurines
- product design concepts for Holiday 2013
- assorted traditional watercolor fantasy illustrations (personal work)
- assorted digital fantasy illustrations
- picture book dummy proposal (author/illustrator)
- artist for an urban Fairy Tale adaptation graphic novel proposal
- writer/artist of my own YA fantasy graphic novel proposal

And, just officially announced -- Womanthology: Space!

Yes, I'm dancing with extreme happiness over that...! :)

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Reagan said...

I wish I had your drawing skill! You are amazing. I'm still struggling along and wishing I could be as good as you.