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My 2013 New Year's Resolutions...sort of

Happy New Year!

Keeping busy, which is good; but I've also been rather neglecting my blog
, which isn't good. Admittedly, most of the projects I've been working on are work-related rather than personal creative study, so can't post those as of yet...the frequent truth of a professional illustrator.  But that can be (hopefully) resolved by keeping my blog posts as part of this year's task list....

Or that's the plan. :) 

So here are my New Year's resolutions...actually, more of a project list...of my creative intentions for 2013:

-- update the portfolio with new art (!)
-- weekly blog and FB page posting of personal work (in-progress and/or finished)
-- submit art for Spectrum 20
-- create 10 traditional fantasy paintings; taking various concepts I've created to final paintings this year (if I can do more, even better)
-- develop fantasy illustration 12-month calendar to sell in Etsy shop (available November 2013)
-- illustration prints and a few original paintings for sale in Etsy shop
-- finish custom painting of Disney figurines project
-- product design concepts (licensed art series)
I am also involved in a few projects at the moment that will be subbed traditionally this year, or will be available digitally, or possibly both:

-- picture book (artist, but not writer)
-- picture book (artist and writer)
-- comic book 4 issue mini-series (artist and adapter); official announcement of this project will probably be in February with a few sneak peeks at that time
-- YA graphic novel (artist and writer)

My "plan-to-work-on-this-year" projects include:

-- a new middle-grade graphic novel (draft script and concepts)
-- 2 new picture book dummies (outlines already in progress)
-- YA graphic novel adaption (ongoing project)

The above does not include other prospective projects that I've been queried about, so I may be making additional announcements about those later on during the year.  And, of course, I'll be on the lookout for paying projects by prospective clients; whether for self-publishing, traditional publishing, licensed art development, comic books, or private commission. 

Gotta add a quick disclaimer here: no Work-for-Hire (WFH) projects!

Attending conferences last year was an amazing experience, but I'm not positive I'll be doing so again in 2013.  If I do attend any, these are the ones I'm currently thinking about:

-- New York Comic-con
-- Spectrum Fantastic Art Live
-- IlluxCon
-- SCBWI Austin regional
-- Austin Comic-con

So, that's what I've got for the start of 2013 -- what are your resolutions or project thoughts for this new year?

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