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Continuing Education

At my home studio, I've been working on keeping up my skills in 3D (yes, not giving up on that!) and working on updating my portfolio so I'll have some lovely new things to show when I finally get a call for interviews as a visual development artist for the animation industry. In addition to the Modeling book I posted the other day, I'm also studying the Alias Wavefront/Maya Press book Introducing Maya 5 - 3D for Beginners.

I've gone through most of the book before, but as little time as I've spent with 3D in general in the past year and Maya in particular, I don't mind revisiting the lessons again. I need the practice. Plus, since I have the other books in the series, it makes total sense to start with the first book which has an excellent introduction to Maya 5. I realize that Maya 8 will shortly be released. Well, until I'm actually using a 3D package at my job, there's no real reason to upgrade. I live on a tight "recent grad/starving artist" budget.

For work, I'm researching learning dvds and reference books for the new Painter software we're getting in the next few weeks. Our art department is in the process of being switched over to PC's instead of Mac computers. Not that I have anything against Macs; heck, I got a Mac when I bought my first computer in '93. But, the lack of technical support from the IT department at my job has made working with Macs a headache at times. I'll be glad when we've finally made the switch. Plus, we'll get a few new toys to play with...I mean, we'll get a few new accessories in addition to the new machines to enable us to more rapidly produce quality artwork for the company.


Which means each of the concept artists will finally have a scanner of their own at their desks. And we'll be able to archive files to CD (we'll each have an internal burner) or DVD (we'll have an external burner for our group, too). Yay! And another one of those lovely additions is the latest version of Painter. I'm very excited to finally get some quality time with that software at my job. Plus, I get to help train the other artists on how to use it. Ah, I can hear the crack of my whip now...ha!

One of the reasons I love working as a CG artist is because I have to keep learning and practicing my variety of creative skills in order to be successful at my job. In whatever industry I'm working in. Keeps me on my toes.

Yes, I prefer to specialize in one aspect of my job - I'm a visual development artist. I have to be able to take the ideas that I or someone else on my team has requested, and come up with something, some concept or concepts that can express those ideas. Sometimes that's toys or novelty items (oh, my...the "novelty items" I'm working on this week...not for kids!); sometimes that's presentation boards or storyboards or character designs or graphic novels (soon, Precious....soon). And I will use whatever tool that can best help me provide the concept, the visual idea for my client to actually have someone else (factory, production artists, etc.) actually produce the product...whether it's by my using a Mac or PC, or 2D or 3D, or whatever other tool that I can use to be my canvas. Plus, as a visual development artist, the various professional experiences I've had have helped provide me with different perspectives than someone who has focused on...hmmm...ACCOUNTING for example. :)

Well, a pep talk now and then is helpful. From me, to me. I will find some way of presenting myself and my work the right way at the right I can be where I want to grow.

I told my mom that I'm relocating to California.

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