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Don't Toy With Me

Doing alot of thinking again. Of this and that.

But I also took some time today to do a bit of reading. I love spending hours reading a good story. I'd rather read a good book than go watch a movie. I miss having the time to disappear in some new world that only exists in my imagination. Better than dreaming sometimes. My family sometimes said it was like I was addicted and books were my drug because I'd spend hours reading book after book. Yeah, sometimes it was hard to stop.

But it put such lively and interesting characters in my head.

Didn't go to sketchgroup today. I don't think I've gone in the past month, sad to say. I'm trying to cut back on any extra driving until I get my car checked out. The usual maintenance thing that somehow always ends up costing me around $600+. Argh. So, no driving. Much. Save here, save there. Besides, it gives me more time to sketch and do other CG work. This weekend I brought home some work to do, too...they want me to come up with the next face for one of our animatronic characters. Evidently, my portrait skills are coming in handy, heh.

I also saw some of my Halloween bust samples in our showroom that had just come over from the China factory. Not bad! They followed my concepts really well. And I happen to know that some of our buyers really got enthusiastic about those and a few of my other projects. Sweet!

Just a bit of dancing around with my pencil tonight. No plans, just fun with the lines. I can see that I'm forgetting my realistic human anatomy...need to do some life drawing again. And get a reminder about what and where the various muscles are. Getting out of practice again. D'oh!

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