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It's Alive!!

Lovely find today: a new Character Designer Blog!

While there seems to be plenty of animators posting insights about becoming a character animator, showing some bits of their animation shots, and talking about their professional experiences (not a bad thing, believe me), there hasn't been much from the many visual development artists who help create and design the characters those animators bring to life. So, I was very excited to find this site and look forward to reading more interviews from these professional artists.


From the Character Design Blogsite:

* You will be able to read in depth and very detailed instructions on how the designer works.
* What medium they use and some tips on how to use that medium.
* You will find out what they have worked on and what they are working on now.
* You will see step by step drawings all the way to the finished design.
* Read what the artist was thinking while designing the characters.
* See unpublished art and portfolio pieces.
* Get links to the artists own website or blog.
* View up and coming (non-professional) character designers work.

Hmm. Not so sure I really want to see "non-professional" character designers' work. Can already get plenty of that on forums like
CGTalk and as well as a few other discussion and art forums. Will just have to see how that goes.

Still excited, though!

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