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WB back in town

Hard to believe but it's been a whole year since WB was here in Dallas talking about Scooby Doo and the various Looney Tunes characters with us in the Showroom. What's really great is that they brought Fred along. While we're all talking about what's the next big thing for these characters as toys or other novelty items, Fred is jumping in with new product ideas and a quick sketch of the character or characters that would be just perfect.

Totally awesome, dude!

To help us get in character when we're creating stories for the product designs, Fred suggested we start having regular Looney Tunes cartoon watching during work hours. Golly, no one had any problem agreeing with that idea. ;)

We also got to see a promo bit on the upcoming Saturday morning cartoon series called "
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! It has a new look (see above image I found after a quick google) and a rather different story line from the old mystery van sleuths...that adopts elements from alot of other successful kids shows and stories.

Guess it will be fresh to the little kids that watch it in any case.


Leo Batic said...

Nice blog!
I love your horses sketches.
I was DC Comic Scooby artist for almos an year and I do with my team all the Scholastic books of the Gang.
If you did the art of Scoob and Shaggy I have to say it was really funny even doe when the charactershas your own particular vision and style

tygriffin said...


Nope, I did not do the new Scooby and Shaggy art that I posted here - I found it after a search on the web; although, if the series is successful I might be working with these new licensed characters in some of my product designs.

From what I understand, the character redesign of Shaggy and Scooby was to make them more modern and was influenced by the look of the Gorillaz characters.