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Orange Ya Glad to See Me?

COW (creature of the week) art challenge this past week was to create an Orange Sea Leviathan. Not an "orange sea", but an "orange creature". That doesn't mean that it couldn't be living in an orange sea; however, subsequent additional information posted by the moderator ordered that the creature itself had to be orange or your entry was forfeit.

I didn't plan on participating in the activity since I didn't actually read the info till Sunday afternoon, but then I got to thinking about the possibilities of an orange leviathan type of sea creature...and got inspired. So, even though I didn't submit an entry for the COW, you can see a quick concept of my new critter here. :)

Description: The "Orange Leviathan of the Archipelago Floating Isles" is the foundation of an oceanic civilization commonly called "The Island Folk of the Floating Isles". This civilization would not exist if it were not for the Orange leviathan. The creature's own body makes up the floating land masses. At its mature stage, its massive size, bouyancy and the natural growth of its branchlike collagen spine which forms into a kind of unique floating island, makes it the perfect traveling oasis in a world of mostly ocean. While building a new settlement on the leviathan, the island folk begin a relationship of mutual benefit. The folk have a new home, and the leviathan receives care, feeding, and protection. At its death, the Orange Leviathan structure has the potential to become interconnected with one of the various larger stationary settlements anchored to the ocean floor, many of which were also originally founded upon leviathan creatures. This death, rather than the end of a village, becomes a time of treaty and negotiation as the leviathan island folk determine the best final location for their unique needs - whether for trade, crafting, farming or some other industry. An interesting culture that is formed from a unique ocean creature, the Orange Leviathan.

Just another "work in progress". :)

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