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Friday the 13th Twisters

When the wife of one of my co-workers was sent home early from her North Dallas office because of the bad weather forecast, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get home early myself so I left at 5:30pm instead of my usual 6:30 to 7pm. Plus, I definitely wanted to get my car under the covered parking I have at my apartment complex. I already have dings and dents from a bit of hail damage at work from the previous year (we're in a large warehouse location with open parking), and do NOT need all the windows broken - especially since the weather forecast included the potential for golfball sized hail.

Pictures from the local news show the 4 twisters that swept through the North Texas area around 6pm as well as the hail. It wasn't fun hearing all the sirens going off and the pounding of the hail on the roof and the day turning into the dark of night as the storm passed over; while I was tucked away with my pillows and blankets in case the roof blew didn't. My cat Tabby sat with me - the others hid under the bed. They didn't like the noise either.

Interesting fact I found out - the billboards that were twisted like bits of paper and scattered over in Haltom City (next to Ft Worth) were built to withstand straightline winds of over 100 miles an hour.

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