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Valkyrie of the Damned

Another interesting CHOW topic over on CA that I just couldn't resist sketching up, the Fallen Valkyrie, although my character probably won't get finished till next weekend. I still want to do a close-up of her face with a nice "damned" expression, and put in the background and wolf steed/companion for the full figure that's rising up from Hel. And color it, of course! Unfortunately I was sick with something odd -- had fever and really bad chills Friday night into most of Saturday so I couldn't do all the artwork that I'd planned. Not good. Feel much better now, though, so back to work!

And I was reminded by another CA artist about my Fall Fairy sketch which they'd like to see in color...I'd like to do final tight lineart of it first, and then color. Especially since I just finished watching
Wendy Froud's DVD about creating a fairy figure art doll -- my Fall Fairy might be a good character to get that first practice with.


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Anonymous said...

This would make a really cute tattoo done in the fall colors. Great drawing!