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Illustration Friday: Climbing

This past week's Illustration Friday word was "climbing".

At first I thought about sketching one of the many kinds of climbing that I've done when I was a kid (mostly trees). But likely because I did some concepts based on McCaffrey's Pern last month, I was inspired to do a quick illustration of Menolly (from the book Dragonsong)
climbing up the cliffs in order to rescue the fire lizard clutch from the sudden high tides covering the small beach below.

And here's the original sketch I did before coloring in Photoshop 7:
(sketching - about 1/2 hr.; painting - 1 hr)


Tom Barrett said...


Great job on the painting using Photoshop!

theartofpuro said...

great illo,love the concept and the colours

LucyRavenscar said...

I'm busily re-reading all the Pern books at the moment, and I love this picture! You really captured Menolly and the fire-lizard well, and the general feel of the picture is great.