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The Various Roles Illustrators Play

This summer went by entirely too fast...officially only a few short weeks left.

But as I juggled my various personal and client projects with multitasking fervor, I realized that all of the various roles I played as part of my illustrator job might have had a little something to do with it:
  • Marketing Agent (art promotion, client and genre networking, social media posting)
  • Legal Agent (contract development, negotiator, invoicing overdue accounts when applicable)
  • Accountant (billing, invoicing, taxes, tracking expenses)
  • Clerk (filing, art storage, categorizing and backing up resource files, documentation)
  • Model (figure posing)
  • Photographer (reference poses, shots)
  • Writer (graphic novel development, blog and other social media posts)
  • Researcher (reading and developing and/or following art specs, considering new art strategies to improve speed and quality of project development, keeping up with or studying esoteric topics that flavor both art and writing, considering technology application for current/future projects)
  • Scientist (switching hats from biologist, zoologist, technician in order to design characters and/or creatures, and their environments)
  • Web designer (website maintenance, updates)
  • Computer technician (maintain my own equipment and some of the family's, on an "on call" status)
  • Graphic designer (marketing materials, print portfolios -- targeted to various genres)
  • Artist (illustration, sketching, anatomy practice, painting, layout design, color study, comics, all of the above)
And yet even after creating that list, I'm sure I managed to leave something out that is part of my weekly, if not daily, task list.

Keeping busy....

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Laura Diehl said...

This is one of the reason I like this illustration gig. I think I'd get bored if I didn't get to change hats a bit... (okay, maybe not so much fun to be had in the accounting and legal ends of things = necessary evils =P). Cool to see the roles listed out though!