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I don't know, but sometimes you're working on something and it just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's the product or the lame idea... Ok, my idea wasn't lame, it just wasn't quite working right. It wasn't inspiring me to build more. I was excited about the original idea...but not how I was executing this version.

While I've never had writer's block since I'm not a writer, heh; I have had times where I hate to admit - my art is boring.

Usually I'll just tell myself I'm feeling a bit of burnout and take a break. Go get some coffee, talk to the other artists for a fresh perspective or for something completely different...when you're working with a staff of artists, all kinds of topics can be discussed in a variety of ways. LOL.

The worst case of boring art I can recall was back when I was finishing high school, working at the local amusement park doing portrait art...up to 20+ a raise funds for my college education. Joy. I was hating my artwork. I was a portrait factory. Yes, the continuous practice, the drawing from life, all that helped me develop an eye for capturing portraits and developing a creative talent I didn't really believe in. Eh, it was a "hobby". You couldn't make a living being an artist, right? Ok, ok, that's an old issue. Dropped.

Anyways, back to my boring art....

When it's concept art I'm developing at work, it's easy to get a fresh perspective from the other artists. Get their feedback. Critiques are awesome. If they hate it, they'll tell you straight to your face. And really, you don't care. Cause it's not your personal art. It's the company's. Everything you do, the company owns it. That's why you're a staff artist. You own NOTHING that you create for them. However, when it's your personal project...created outside of the office, in your own studio, on your own's sometimes difficult to be ready or willing to show anybody else what you're working on. Granted, you don't necessarily want, "OH MY GOD, IT'S GENIUS!".

Well, ok, anyone would want that. heh.

But, realistically, those kind of critiques aren't worth it. Which is why I seldom post artwork on discussion forums anymore. Generally you get the kind of comments that are like "beautiful!" or "5 stars!" or whatever when you really are seeking a fresh eye and hopefully some feedback that makes you see where you can improve. Sometimes it's even a technique or point that you'd never even have considered trying that would give your illustration or model a different style that you might really like. That's why I love working with other artists in the jobs I do. When you have a great team, it's because you've left your egos at home and you are always trying to learn from each other, show new or different methods, and always grow as artists.

The bad part is, it makes it hard to leave.

But, back to my boring art...I've been wrestling with the way I was originally introducing my main character in my graphic novel. I mean, it worked, sorta, but it really wasn't attention grabbing. I didn't feel that the first few panels would pull the reader in and want them to turn the page. That first page can be so hard.... I thought about showing it to a couple of friends of mine, but I'm just not ready for that. Yet. So, I worked on a couple of other things and also made time to re-read bits of some of my old favorite books that are targeted to "tweens" - the audience I'm hoping will be interested in reading my own stories.

And I did some thinking and doodling. Little mini-projects like experimenting with matte painting in Photoshop. And besides, I like to doodle. Ok, let me be the first to admit...I really like to procrastinate. A thing I'm too frequently fond of doing...especially on my own personal projects. But, I wasn't doing that. I had a problem that I needed to mull over. And I finally found my character again. She's just as fiesty, fun and imaginative as I was hoping. Finally seemed to jump out at me and take over like I thought she could. Can't wait to introduce her to everyone.

I will. One day. Soon.

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MidnightOwl728 said...

Good luck with your character maybe you show her off here i am graphic novel nut really like kenshin have some what of a collection on that one. Lot other too but to many to list. But good luck.
Midnight Owl