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We have employee reviews going on next week at my job. Curious to see how that goes.

Interesting thing is, they had stopped doing employee reviews a while back according to the remaining artists and designers that have been there for several years. Basically, the thought was that the company had an "open door" policy. Which is not a bad thing at all. Except that there must be something going on if you lose over half your art department within a year, all of them talking with HR at their exit interviews about the same creative road block.

Or so I've heard.

Home Schooling
My own homework review...well, it is about two months since I started my "at home" creative schedule, so it's probably a good time to step aside and see what's working.

And what's not.

As far as the 2D stuff, sketching and all that, I would give myself a "B". I've been doing quite a bit of sketchbook work and will be sending samples of that out along with some other work end of this week for some job prospects. And I got some insights from a friend that will help me target myself a bit better instead of settling for production assistant. Although, I seriously figured that was a good way to show that while I might have plenty of experience in other industries, I didn't see myself as an expert in any way in the animation industry so it was a good role to apply for. And, ideally I'd learn as much as possible about how the various departments work together.

Or not.

While that mindset got me my current entry-level job as junior toy designer, evidently I should be aiming a bit higher for my next first job in the animation industry. Hopefully, this will be the next big step in my creative career as a visual development artist. Well, we'll see how the job application process goes this year. Didn't get me anywhere last year for production assistant. :(

Back to the review. My 3D work. Very sad. I give myself a "D" for good intentions. But, for all that I'm doing research and studying and what not, I haven't been doing the labwork. Very bad. Thinking about it isn't the same as actually doing the work and getting the practice. I can rehearse it all I want to, but that doesn't give me any practical experience.

So. What do I need to do....

I'm revising my next two month block of homework. Evidently my original schedule was impractical for 3D work. I'll need to rethink how to better get myself back in that again. I'm thinking that rather than work on my own specific 3D projects, maybe to get the refresher I need, I should schedule in some specific course work. Or that is to say, some specific tutorials. Hmm. I have lots of those, so it will be easier to schedule that once I've made the choice. No procrastination allowed.

I'll post my new schedule tomorrow. Should be an exciting 8 weeks!

I posted a couple of the sketches I did at today's sketchgroup meeting. Not that there was anyone remotely like these characters at the group that inspired me to create scenes like these. heh.

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