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Barely Scraping By - Article from Gamasutra

Applying for Your First Game Industry Job

Read this article yesterday from a link in the "Gamasutra Daily" newsletter I get from Gamasutra (The Art and Business of Making Games) website. While I'm not currently working in the game industry as a concept artist, it does provide some very useful nuggets of information for any creative person considering opportunities in the game development industry. You could also certainly apply some of the information to other jobs you interview for as well.

Of course I especially liked this bit of information since it appears that I'm barely scraping by:

"As an entry level artist, you can expect to be paid at a range of $30-$45k a year. That may seem like a lot compared to what you’re making now. But when you factor in all the costs, you’ll find that you’re barely scraping by."

Ah, yes....ENTRY LEVEL ARTIST. Believe me, I think about that every time in the past year that I factor in my 15 plus years of various professional creative roles....and the job that I currently still have. After two years (ok, ok, I'm an idiot for a variety of reasons for that and I know it), I should realize that there's no interest from management in offering me incentives to stay with my current employer. I just need to stop thinking about it and simply get myself out of the place. Stop being angry and frustrated and stressed...and move on.

As mentioned previously, it's simply one of the daily whips to keep me motivated for better opportunities. I'm such a glutton for punishment. sigh.


Lindsay said...

i know EXACTLY how you feel. i was feeling this way just this past weekend about MY job. I know that i could make more elsewhere, AND i'd enjoy the work more too, somewhere else and yet.... here i am. Sorry, i know you're trying NOT to be negative anymore (and so am i) but it's hard when someone gives you an opportunity to do so :) and on that note, we can better ourselves and make life happier!! (that's my positive point)

tygriffin said...

Thanks for the positive comments - I seriously appreciate them. :)