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The Thang

This Wednesday's horror movie for the evening was John Carpenter's The Thing. Or "Thang" as one of the more southern of the group was heard to say. ha! One of my favorite horror movies of all time. Not a movie that's good to watch alone, that's for sure. Even comparing it with today's CG effects capabilities this old movie still creeps me out. The story, the music, the scientific possibilities....EEEEK!! A co-worker hadn't seen the movie before, so we made sure she was there to catch all the good stuff, BWA HAHA ha HA!!!

This could be on wikipedia that as of September 2006 (from an article in Fangoria) that there is a real possibility of a sequel or actually a prequel to The Thing:

"In September of 2006, it was announced that Strike Entertainment, the production company behind "Slither" and the "Dawn of the Dead" remake, is combing Hollywood for a writer (or writers) to tackle a theatrical prequel to "The Thing" reports Fangoria."


And for a bit of fun that has nothing to do with The Thing (or does it....hmmmm?), how bout sending one of these "thangs" to your friends? I give you a spring-loaded "Ass in the Box". Enjoy!

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