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My Friend Mina: Part 2

More news about the petfood recalls on the tv and in the papers today:
"...her first thought after hearing about the recall was, “Oh my gosh, I killed my cat.” Fluffy’s health deteriorated after Tracy fed her Special Kitty brand food, one of the recalled labels, and she had to euthanize the 11-year-old cat last week."

I have to admit I've been in a panic all weekend since I pretty much felt the same way. Evidently more dogs and cats may still be victims of kidney failure in the next few weeks; and in particular, cats, as it appears they are more sensitive to whatever contaminated the pet food.

Meanwhile, yesterday's tests and exam results are in - Mina has hyperthyroidism. She'll be on medication the rest of her life, but it's a treatable disease. Her kidneys seem to be functioning fine at the moment. My sister's cat Coco evidently had the same problem and lived till he was 20 before his kidneys finally failed him (...let me see...that's two pills a day for 365 days a year for about 7 more years...that's gonna be alot of pills...over 5000, if I did my math correctly -- sigh). For the next few months, I'll work with the vet to figure out what her dosage will be, and get her tested twice a year after that to make sure all is well.

Mina easily took the first pill without issue this evening. Hurray!! Hopefully, that continues for the future...have to admit that I didn't think that the pill pocket would work, especially since Mina isn't used to taking treats, but it did, yay! And here's hoping that the rest of my cats will have even better exams in the next few weeks.

I'd rather be sure than sorry, so I'll get the others examined and tested, too.

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