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My Friend Mina

My 12-year old cat, Mina, hasn't been quite herself lately. Worse, she may have gotten ill from some of the canned food I've been giving her recently as a treat in the evenings (she usually only got the Science Diet dry food and no people food ever, but I've started feeding her and the other cats canned food once a day, too, for added moisture and coat improvement) -- unfortunately, the same food which was just recalled this weekend due to some kind of contamination. Turns out it may be the wheat gluten additive (for extra protein) from a new supplier for Menu Foods is what they said this morning on the news. In any case, I took her to the vet for a full "senior" exam which will hopefully pinpoint the problem so that the vet and I can get her feeling better and living a quality life for awhile longer yet. Her sister, Tabitha, seems to be fine. But, depending on the results of the tests that are being done for Mina...I may be bringing Tabitha in sooner than I'd originally scheduled for her annual physical exam and senior blood and urine tests. Here's an old picture of the two girls when they were about 4 months, I think. Mina still had a short coat then.

And this next one is from about 2 years ago, in her usual queenly pose.

I figured after bringing Mina home from the animal clinic (she was so stressed out by the visit that she was panting like a dog when the vet brought her to me in the exam room) that she'd run and hide under the bed for the rest of the day once I let her out of the carrier. But she's a trooper and instead wanted me to brush her for a bit (she's a very pristine cat) after she checked the apartment out to make sure everything was as it should be...and she is currently resting in the cat tree by the window watching the birds flying by while keeping a close eye on the two pigeons that persist in calling my apartment balcony their new home.

Stupid pigeons.

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