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A sketchblog where I post a few of my scribbles from a variety of works-in-progress, usually from my rather random personal creativity outside of the daily grind. I occasionally, but not always, post the final artwork.


Change in the Air

Some very rough layout sketches and thumbnails of another one of my story ideas that has been rolling around my head for years. No, this is NOT my tween project. Drawing most of the day at work (or coloring or re-designing product) and then working on my own projects at home evenings and weekends (updating the portfolios print/web, sending out samples, working on the tween graphic novel and other proposals, learning about sculpting, studying animation and concept art development, blah, blah, blah) I actually sometimes get to feeling even more creative.


So, it felt right to take a break from the day-to-day grind (ha) and do some quick sketches of yet another one of my stories I'd like to completely pull out of my head one day and actually set all down on paper.

And, yes, I do have a routine for daily sketches after dinner. I just don't always post my little scribbles. :)


Got a lovely postcard from my mom who's in Germany again visiting with a few of her sisters over the summer. Another nice one to add to my collection on my corkboard at work. I missed her phone call this past weekend. I figure I'll try and call on Saturday for a few minutes just to let her know I'm still alive. heh. Unfortunately, she still doesn't have internet access over there (doesn't really want to, I think) or she'd be visiting my blog, too, to see what silly little things I've been up to.


At work for the past week or so, I've been banned from accessing the toy and related websites I liked to visit which were part of my initial morning research, if I didn't have an art request that was "urgently required". Yes, they denied me access to Google even. Once. I immediately complained about that. It was over a year ago, though, and I really thought that was the last of it. I mean, it makes perfect sense to deny online access of current information to one of your product designers...just keep me in a vacuum.

Yup, no else has been banned.

Isn't that the stupidest thing. I couldn't believe it when I saw that horrible red, white and blue "Surf Protect" page. I'm not accessing porn, dammit! Even weirder, these are ALL sites that were initially sent to me by other employees (designers) at the company! It's not like my employers purchase any design periodicals for us, either. Nor do either of my immediate managers provide team building workshops or design activities to expose us to different modes of production thinking and/or motivate us to build new skills that we can use to enhance our work. It seems lately that we just work. I like to learn things from my peers and my managers. Isn't that why they're senior to us "junior" artists? Yes, I've presented a couple of times during the weekly scheduled "Art Development" meetings. I don't see anyone else on the design team volunteering to do the same. Not lately. Not for the past year? A product designer (me) obviously isn't supposed to be cognizent of what is currently on the market or has the potential to be, and what prospective consumer design or product trends our competitors are potentially considering. Obviously I'm just supposed to keep my nose to the sketchpad and Photoshop. Will do. (End sarcasm/rant/...ok, maybe just a wee bit of whining....sigh).


I'll simply see it as another whip to motivate me.

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