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Fly Away Home

I fell in love...

I went to see "Lady in the Water" a couple of weeks ago. It's a nice, little, modern fairy tale with some beautiful imagery. And, I have to admit, I appreciate the color palette that is frequently a structured element in
M. Night Shayamalan's movies. I was, however, unexpectedly delighted with the stuttering character of the "Guardian" as created by Paul Giamatti. His character Cleveland made me all mushy. :) Not the kind of beautiful man I usually get a crush on, that's for sure.

Obviously, I have horrible taste in men.

The friend I went to see the movie with liked the big brown eyes of MNS instead. Bleh, she can have him. He's a "pretentious jerk", per the biography written by a journalist that MNS hired to follow him around for a year. I am annoyed by MNS's acting, but he does some interesting stories (although I've since read that there are possible elements of plagiarism in at least two of his movies), I've most definitely liked his screenwriting, and he has done some really nice directing. Overall, I must say that I've enjoyed his movies. I really appreciate the awkwardness of the ordinary characters in his films. So, after seeing the movie and getting involved with most of the story development (although I was really really hoping that M. Night's character would die a horrible, evil death...sadly that doesn't happen...why, oh why does this guy think he can act...his face is always blank and his voice so irritating to me - it always pulls me right out of the story) any case, when I got home I did some quick rough sketches of some ideas as inspired by the movie.

The above is a work in progress of one sketch inspired by the film that I'd like to create a more finished digital illustration of one day. So for now, something new for my ongoing idea box.

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