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It's All In My Head

So, the headache wasn't going away after seven days even though I was taking OTC pain-killers, and I was starting to feel dizzy during the day, too; so I finally went to see the doctor on Friday. It appears likely to be a combination of stress, migraine, muscle tension, minor sinus infection, too much time at the computer (and working with poor posture lately...I know that, been trying to fix that), a lack of regular exercise, etc., etc. On the plus side, there's no fever so probably nothing infectious. I got a few different meds (horsepills they look like) to take for the next few days that will hopefully kill the pain at last. If it doesn't improve, then they want to do an MRI and see what all is going on in my head and back.

One cool thing, they X-Ray'd my skull to see if there were any polyps or other random growths in my sinus cavities that was causing the pain....and it looks like I have a micro-chip in one of my upper molars.

Just kidding. Or am I? Hmmm....

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