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It's a Munster!

This maquette is soo on target for
Herman Munster! I love it. So, that's my pick for Today's Toy. Click on the above image and you'll see a bigger version. Sideshow Collectables is distributing it and Electric Tiki is producing it.

I usually spend about 30 minutes first thing in the morning visiting various toy sites in order to see what's out there. It's research for my job that's fun to do and helps me get a list going of things I want to buy...ha! But, it also gives me a good idea of what other toy companies think is the latest cool license, toy trend or character that the consumer market will want to buy or potentially collect. This is definitely something we toy designers will want to keep in mind as we're concepting new products for our own company lines. Research is good.

It's actually one of the reasons why my license Product Manager wants me to check out the exhibit floor the two days we're at the
NYC 2006 License show in a couple of weeks. I've been given complete freedom to wander around (the others will mostly be attending scheduled meetings with our licensors), so I'm planning on bringing a camera and visiting lots of booths. There's also a couple of panels I read about that might be interesting, so I'll try and check those out. NYC is a fun place to visit. I'm just not thrilled about the 6 am flight we'll be taking. Good golly...everyone who knows me knows how much I like to sleep in.

Yup, I'll be there. I wonder if they will be giving out any swag....

Well, I have a three-day weekend from my job starting today, which mean more time to work on my comic...oh, and the portfolio, too, of course! Print and Online. I'll be shipping out a couple more portfolio samples on Saturday. No other nibbles just yet other than the toy company in Seattle (which I didn't even apply to), but why should I be surprised. I have a lot of competition.

Wish me luck!

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