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To NYC and Back

Well, I'm back from another trip to NYC. This time I went on a company trip to the 2006 Licensing Show to check out the properties available that my employer might want to consider for future product development. Alot of interesting stuff to check out although most of the major players and their offerings were already familiar to me from a variety of other resources (animation, tv, games, upcoming movies, etc.).

The toy company I work for also had some products on display for one of the companies we hold a development license for. Along with the life-sized Leatherface and Freddy that we'd developed in the "House of Horrors" section of the booth, New Line Cinema also had a life-size version of the armored polar bear from one of their current projects in development, The Golden Compass. My boss took a picture of me standing next to one of the bears. Can't show the whole bear image, sorry. Once I see an official posting on the 'net, I'll be happy to post more. ;)

I'm really looking forward to the series (it's the first in a trilogy). Hopefully, they'll do a great job on the movie adaption of the book. Well, I know I'll go see it at least once in any case - it has Polar Bears! :)

Edit: Ha! I thought might have a picture, and they did! Here's a full image of the Polar Bear. As you can see, I wasn't even up to the bear's shoulder in the above photo. It's pretty tall!


Paul said...

That's how it is huh? Just use us for our Polar Bears and then throw us away? pshh

tygriffin said...

Your Polar Bears are the best... Actually, is a place I visit almost daily. I'm addicted to toys and you all usually post the things I want, don't you know. ;)