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New Book! Drawing for Animation Production

I ordered a couple of books this past week from my favorite store in the whole world, Amazon. ;) And so my library continues to grow...

If I recall correctly, I spotted this book, All About Techniques in Drawing for Animation Production by Sergi Camara, in a brief review on one of those random drawing/animation websites I like to check out at home after work just before seemed like a worthwhile addition to my animation library so I ordered it along with The Art of Cars.

Like I wasn't going to order that one, ha!


Sergi Camara said...

I hope that you like my book and thanks to acquire it. Really nice your work.

Best Regards:


tygriffin said...
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tygriffin said...

Thanks! I really like your book - I've already recommended it to some of my friends. :) Now, I just need to find some time and really study it...